Over fifty years of applied research and the direct relationship with academic institutions throughout Europe have resulted in 18 original patents, with rights extended to five continents

Our patents are the result of our approach to animal husbandry, attentive to the health and welfare of animals and operators, as well as respect for the environment.

To ensure these results, our analysis laboratories perform more than 10,000 tests per year on finished products and raw materials at various stages of the production process.

The constant monitoring detects the presence of undesirable substances, monitors compliance with GMP, checks the maintenance of FAMI-QS (Nutri) and No-GMO certifications, ascertains the adequacy of the regulations and, of course, the conformity of the quality of the products.

In the analysis, we evaluate parameters such as granularity, dustiness, resistance to stress, bioavailability, the quality of the water used in the factory, the cleaning of the plants and the cross-contamination.

This attitude has allowed us to deal with the patent registration process and allows us to set up the numerous research dossiers for the creation of new products.

But our main efforts are to our customers.

We are active in customer support for monitoring mycotoxin contamination; we perform tag and feed analysis for him and evaluate the presence of microbiological contamination.

Our technicians are equipped with a portable tool that allows performing NIR analysis of simple forages or complex mixtures in a practical way.
The analysis is carried out with a simple reading of the feeds, which are compared with a reference database, developed over the time.
The acquired values are analyzed and the resulting values are immediately displayed.
With this tool it is no longer necessary to take samples: the analysis is carried out on the product as it is in the farm.

This is also part of our rigorous working method, which protects our Client and his business, not only when they purchase, but at all stages of use of our products.

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