Micromin is the Dox-al range of supplements of trace elements, iodine, cobalt and selenium, in particular, made available with maximum stability and safety in administration, due to their production coated with BMP® technology.

Trace elements or “oligo-elements” (from Greek oligos = few) are chemical elements present in small quantities in living organisms.

For various reasons, such as nutritional imbalances, stress, overwork or predisposition, deficiencies of these useful elements with varying degrees of severity may occur.

Their function is vitally important in that they play a structural role (e.g. iodine in tyrosine) and a functional role as enzyme catalysts (that is, they take part in the complex biochemical system so that the organic reactions take place more quickly).

Micromin resolves the deficiencies rapidly and ensures ideal administration through the BMP® formulation.

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