During the storage of feeds, sudden changes in temperature and humidity give rise to fermentation and deterioration of the mixture, with consequent changes in the sensory and organoleptic properties of the feed.

This is attributable to a rapid and sudden multiplication of the microbial and fungal populations.

Cerqual® fungistatics guarantee effective preservation and stability of all the molecules in the feed.
Cereals and animal feeds are an ideal substrate for the growth of fungi.

The EEC research programme, of which  the coordinator and technical manager, has involved several institutions in Italy, France and Spain.

And it was the scientific data obtained from the countless tests carried out in this programme that led to the concept of Protection Factor.
The protection factor is the ratio between the storage time of a treated product and the protection time of the same product without treatment.

Cerqual®, with its chemical and physical properties that guarantee a correct conservation for several months, is a family of products that offer various solutions:

  • Liquid specifically designed for the prevention and remediation of raw materials and contaminated feed.
  • Powder concentration on dispersing and synergist support, for the treatment of raw materials and finished products.
  • Intestinal acidifier to supports the process of prebiosis, a fundamental phase for animal welfare. In addition to stimulating pancreatic secretion, it favors the multiplication of lactobacilli counteracting the onset of enteric pathologies.
  • Anti-fermentation agent to be added to other feed components during the mixer loading.
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