Effective as products of scientific research and beneficial as natural remedies.
The feeds in the new GREENDOX range are based on plants and essential oils, which active ingredients help to reduce intoxications and strengthen the immune system, modulate intestinal flora and carry out an effective antioxidant activity.

They increase the wellbeing of the animals, which thus increase your yield while running costs diminish.

Livestock wellbeing solutions that help farmers to take care of their health before they get any disease.
Dox-al research has always been oriented towards prevention and the elaboration of nutrition programmes that reduce the need for medicinal products.

It was with this intention that we created the new GREENDOX range of products, which incorporate extracts, essential oils and parts of plants, and use their known beneficial properties.

The evidence is encouraging: more robust animals or a more effective response to pharmacological treatments.

Thousands of years of history and tens of years of research conducted using the scientific method reveal the many opportunities for using medicinal plants, the active ingredients of which are known because of their properties

  • to stimulate and support fertility
  • to stimulate the activity of the rumen and digestion
  • to favor the absorption of the nutrients
  • to reduce the production of cholesterol and fat
  • to keep control of the somatic cells
  • to reduce and inhibit inflammatory processes
  • to support the immune system
  • to carry out an anti-oxidant and astringent activity.

The new GREENDOX range is based exclusively on herbs whose success in treatment on farms has been widely documented in the scientific literature.The quality of the ingredients selected and the in-depth study of needs, which take

account of the characteristics of new genetics, enable the products to be administered at low but effective doses and thus the cost of use to be reduced.Their use on the farm is simple: our GREENDOX feeds incorporate the combinations of plants that are included in the formulation of preparations that are easily administered in the daily ration.

Another advantage is they do not need a veterinary prescription or withdrawal period as the GREENDOX products are simple mixtures of plant components.

Contact our experts and discover our GREENDOX potentiated products, which will maintain and improve well-being on your farm.

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