Our Oasis has born to compare the real conditions in which the animals grow and the farmers work, to better understand their needs and develop the best solutions for both. It’s a way to combine intensive livestock farming methods with our good practices for the animals wellness: it is the project “Oasi Dox-al”, another idea one-of-a-kind.

We created the first Oasis near Torino. Our rearing bulls allow us to verify “on the field” our protocols validity. We grow a maximum of 100 cattle, to better control our productive parameters and better develop our technique, so we can change them into information useful for all our stock farmer Customers.

A “breed good” that comes to consider the stable’s design, its size, the quantity and quality of bedding material, the animal density and obviously… nutrition.

Great attention is also dedicated to animals wellness who live quiet, lay down on clear and thick bedding materials, with a lot of space to use.

That level of attention has enabled us to reach important results for all zootechnic parameters, with a significant daily growth of animals and economic benefits for the stock farmers, who can count on results good for all: juicy, tender and tasty meat!

Discover with ushow to raise your animals considering their well-being and improving your production performances.

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