With 24,000 square meters of facilities, 4,600 square meters of productive area,
18 plants dedicated to manufacturing and 1,136 square meters of offices, we have a lot of space to organize our activity in a rational way, and to quickly answer our client requests.

Our organization is structured but simple. We employ about 100 people and our staff counts many and different qualified profiles: pharmacists, biologists, lab technicians, lawyers, food specialists, as well as industry specialists with strong experience.

From a logistic point of view, thanks to our procedure and our warehouse of 5,000 square meters, almost 74% of local orders are delivered in maximum 2 days. The batch load is automated, the production line is double, as is the packaging line.

Automatisms specifically projected to handling elevated volumes of goods.

Our establishment and our plants are the results of years of work conducted with commitment and profit, which let us achieve a good financial stability. This allows us to smoothly face the needs of our ordinary management, and also to adopt the investments necessary to support and expand our structure.

We also can allocate continuous resources to the study and development of new solutions, and to maintain the quality of our products at levels of excellence, in all market conditions.

This is the other aspect of our “Feed good” philosophy.

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